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Who are we

Aryan’s is a company specialized in Denim and flat since 1983. We can make different styles of trousers, from the basic 5 pockets to the fanciest ones, as well as skirts, overalls and jackets. This applies to men, women and kids.

All manufacturing processes are fully integrated within the factory: Cutting-Making–Washing– Dying– Packing-Laser- Ozone – Embroidery – Serigraphy – Emboss…

Thanks to our twenty years of experience in the international market of denim, the production capacity of the company reach 1.000.000 pieces a year and we are able to deal with all kind of orders.
Quality is our leitmotiv; therefore all the necessary measures are taken to meet our customers standards, up-dating regularly our control methods.
Our customers benefit from our know-how in the fields of material research and creativity in styles and washing.
Besides, they can solicit our opinion and cooperation at any time.

We use a rigged computer system, working under the specific ERP network. The sophisticated hardware enables us to manage all productions steps on time, from the sampling to the shipment. It also allows the company to produce various styles and quantities of garments at the prescribed time.
Moreover, our customers can follow closely the production processes of their orders through a worldwide communication network.
In numeric terms, a building of 5000m2, a staff of 500 qualified persons, 40 of which at the development department, a Lectra System, Laser and Ozone are at your disposal in Aryan’s.

Our great concern for environmental protection:

We built a wastewater treatment process of our laundry to protect the environment and achieve improvements in the quality of water.

Proximity and stability:

Due to its geographic position, the proximity of Morocco to Europe is an important factor (48 to 72 hours by truck), not to mention that the country enjoys a comforting political stability.


Contact:  Samira Ramssiss – Isaac Assayag- Mohamed Chaji

E-mail: samira.ramssiss@aryans.co.ma / isaac.assayag@aryans.co.ma /mohamed.chaji@aryans.co.ma.